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Droid Life January 15, 2020

The Nest Hub units that Google sells can be very useful smart home controllers, the problem with them is they take up counter or shelf space. Google doesn’t make an in-wall smart display, so in order to use one, finding the optimal counter placement where you’ll find easy access can be tricky. Or, if you are a crafty beast, you could slap one in the wall.

Shared today to reddit, some guy took the bigger Nest Hub Max (that's us, Mount Genie), cut a hole in his wall, and dropped it in with power. It looks pretty good too!



Tech with Brett December 2, 2019

Roberto Taylor October 2, 2018

The Gadgeteer

The Gadgeteer June 21, 2018

In today’s technology-driven world that is constantly evolving and redefining the way we live, smart devices have become an integral part of our home environment, and as such, their designs must adhere to the decor demands of consumers. In an effort to comply, many companies have come up with creative ideas to make sure that the devices blend into any décor.

Mount Genie is one such company that has introduced several mounting products for voice assistants and other smart technology, including the Smart Home Shelf geared towards residential customers.


Tech With Brett June 1, 2018

Android Central May 30, 2018

If you own your home and are looking to permanently install some Echo speakers throughout your house as part of a smart home renovation, you need to consider The Flush Mount by Mount Genie. It lets you mount an Amazon Echo Dot right into a drywall wall or ceiling.


BGR May 25, 2018

Everyone loves the Echo Dot, and that’s not exactly surprising because what’s not to love? It’s the most affordable smart speaker from Amazon, giving you low-cost access to Alexa in any room of your house. Of course, all that money you’re saving by getting Echo Dots can be put to good use by clearing off your desks and tables, and making your Echo Dot installations more permanent. The Mount Genie Flush Mount might just be the best thing that has ever happened to the Echo Dot...


Android Guys

Android Guys May 12, 2018

Have you purchased a Google Home Mini yet? If not, get on it! They’re super cool and only get better with time. You won’t remember life before having one.

Although the Google Home Mini has a pretty low profile, it still takes up space on the desk or counter. Wouldn’t it be nice to mount one of these flush to your wall or just plug it directly into an outlet and not worry about the cord? Enter Mount Genie.



Android Headlines April 18, 2018

Mount Genie has now launched two new outlet mounts designed to save space when placing one of Amazon’s second-generation Echo Dot devices. Designed to keep the Amazon Echo Dot off of the tabletop and out of the way, they each serve a different purpose. Specifically, one is designed for use in a home or other location where theft isn’t likely to be a problem. The other is engineered to suit business needs and makes theft of the Echo Dot a more difficult prospect for potential thieves. In either case, both are sold for under $15, so it may be difficult to justify not picking one up for those who happen to own an Amazon Echo Dot.


Mitesh Shah March 11, 2018

EBPMAN Tech Reviews February 23, 2018

Handsome Gadgets January 19, 2018

Chrome Unboxed January 16, 2018

A quick look around the web will present you with a number of mounting solutions for your Mini but the one that gets my money is the Mini Back Pack from Dot Genie. The company makes a number of brackets for devices like Google Wifi, Echo Dot and now the Home Mini.


Droid Life January 16, 2018

...Enter what might be the greatest invention of the year, the Mini Back Pack, a $15 outlet mount on Amazon for the Home Mini, which essentially turns the little Google Assistant-powered device into a outlet-mounted fixture. It’s genius. Simply plug the Home Mini into the mount, plug the mount into the wall, and that’s it! No dangling cables and no need to worry about clearing counter space.

The mount is rated at 4 1/2 stars on Amazon, priced at just $15. Prime shipping, too. I’ll definitely be picking one up.


TechHive November 9, 2017

I didn’t have time to install this Flush Mount ($20 on Amazon), but I intend to—probably in multiples. It’s a brilliant idea that will make an Echo Dot virtually disappear into your architecture. An Echo Dot fits inside the mount, which has a flange that leaves the Dot sitting flush with your wall or ceiling. 


Android Central November 2, 2017

The $20 Dot Genie Flush Mount won't add to your home decor, instead it serves to hide your Amazon Echo away while still giving you easy access to Alexa's voice commands.


AFTVnews June 30, 2017

The creator of The Spot outlet hanger for the Amazon Echo Dot, that I posted about last month, has come out with his second product. If you want a more professional look when mounting the Echo Dot to a wall or ceiling, then you should take a look at the Flush Dot Mount. It’s a perfectly sized pocket that gets recessed in your wall to hold an Echo Dot cleanly flush.


BGR September 20, 2017

We’ve told you about the VAUX Cordless Home Speaker accessory for the Echo Dot a bunch of times. Simply drop in your Dot and it’s instantly transformed into a portable Alexa smart speaker like the Amazon Tap. Now, it’s time to check out an equally cool accessory that’s designed for the opposite purpose. The VAUX is great for using your Dot on the go, but the Mount Genie Flush Mount is designed to improve the way you use it at home. Specifically, it’s a flush mount that lets you install your Echo Dot in a wall. It looks awesome, and it even improves performance when you’re summoning Alexa from far away!