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Smart home products are improving our personal and professional lives in countless ways. Children are exploring and growing their knowledge with just a command. Adults are multi-tasking while making hands-free phone calls. Senior citizens are finding greater comfort and entertainment. And businesses are running more efficiently than ever before. We’re proud to offer Mount Genie products to support the smart home and business technology that is improving our world.

We design high-quality mounting products for voice assistants and other smart technology. During his work as a home inspector, founder Charlie Glahe noticed a recurring problem in American homes – unsightly and inefficient clutter caused by the adoption of voice assistants. To solve that problem, he founded Mount Genie. 

Individuals, families and businesses rely on Mount Genie to free up surface space and keep cumbersome cords out of sight.

Since 2017 Mount Genie offers a range of outlet mounts for digital voice assistants (including Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Google Home and Google Home Mini).

New in 2018, Mount Genie also offers theft-prevention products such as the Package Spy and Package Mats for smart doorbells.